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The Magic Harmony Of


28 Of Their Best

UGGH #505
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Review first published: 01.01.1900

This CD has the 28 tracks by the FANTASTIC VOCAL GROUP, The Dubs. All but two tracks are from the post Johnson/Gone era 1957-1959. We all should be familiar with the Dubs. They gave such great hits as "Could This Be Magic" 1957 on Gone, "Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely" 1957 on Johnson & of course the UNBELIEVABLE ballad "Chapel OF Dreams" 1958 on Gone. This CD has them through their later years 1959-1964. On labels such as Josie, Wilshire, Lana and what I feel their best works, ABC.

I know we all agree the above mentioned songs are SUPER. However, if you have not heard their releases on ABC & Wilshire, you are definitely in for a treat. I, personally, have been trying to get all their ABC releases for years. This CD has enabled me to do so.

The Dubs from Harlem, New York City, formed in 1956. The group consisted of three ex-members of the Scale-tones on Jay Dee Records & two ex-members of the Five Wings, Savoy & King Records. From the Five Wings came Lead-Richard Blandon & Billy Carlisle-2nd Tenor. From The Scaletones came Cleveland Still-1st Tenor, James "Jake" Miller-Baritone & Thomas Gardner-Bass. This combination called themselves the Marvels. They had one release on ABC Records in 1956. "I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart"/Jump Rock & Roll". With minor success locally on this recording, the group left to join the new Johnson label. 1957 saw the Dubs jump into the spotlights. The rest is Vocal Group Harmony history.

Here on this CD you have 28 great tracks. Delivered as only the DUBS could do. Prepare yourself for over an hour of pure Vocal Group Harmony gems.

1. I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart -Marvels 1956 ABC $700 (A SUPER ballad re-released in 1973 on Johnson as the Dubs)

2. Jump Rock & Roll - (original flip) Great Jump tune.

3. Dedications - from an unknown LP. Female lead backed by the Dubs. Ballad

4. Connie - 1957 unreleased until 1973 on Johnson. (Nice ballad)

5. For Those Who Think Young - unknown LP cut. (GREAT BALLAD)

6. Could This Be Magic - 1962 Lana version (Not as good as original)

7. If I Only Had Magic - 1961 ABC (First KILLER BALLAD)

8. No One - 1959 ABC (The second)

9. Early In The Evening - Flip of #8 (Good uptempo)

10. Island Of Dreams - unknown LP cut (Latin Beat. NICE!)

11. Joogie Boogie - Flip of #7 (Rocker)

12. Don't Laugh At Me - 1960 ABC (The third SOCK SMOKER)

13. You'll Never Belong To Me - Flip of #12 (SOCK SMOKER #4)

14. For The First Time - 1960 ABC (The weakest of the ABC ballads, just GREAT.)

15. Ain't That So - Flip of #14 (You're gonna ROCK)

16. Wisdom Of A Fool - 1963 Josie (Nice re-make of the Five Keys hit)

17. For All The Tea In China - unknown LP cut (On par with the ABC Ballads)

18. Down, Down, Down I Go - 1961 ABC (Sixth ballad from ABC. Just as good as the others)

19. Go Where Rainbows Go - unknown LP cut (Nice ballad)

20. Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely - '64 Lana version (Again not as good as the original Johnson release.)

21. This I Swear - 1963 Josie (Good rendition of the Skyliners on Calico 1959.)

22. Lullabye - Flip of #18 (Cha, Cha, Cha)

23. Just You - 1963 Wilshire (Nice uptempo)

24. Blue Velvet - 1962 Josie LP (Old Standard)

25. Jubilee - unknown LP cut (Gospel uptempo)

26. Your Very First Love - Flip of #23 (Outstanding ballad.)

27. A Wonderful Night For Love - Unknown (Mid 60's sound. Uptempo)

28. This Is The End - unknown LP cut (A GREAT SONG to end the CD. Uptempo!!)

This CD is a brand new release. As popular as the DUBS are with Vocal Group Harmony fans, it will sell out shortly. Don't miss this oportunity to own & hear this FANTASTIC CD. Any problems in obtaining this musical treasure, let me know.

In Harmony:

Bruce (DooWop DJ)